about us

Lullaby's aim is to provide you with the most suitable candidate for your family, whether it's a one day night nurse or emergency babysitter. Lullabys clients feel we care, and because of this we build long lasting relationships with both our families and the nannies and babysitters. 

We are a  placement only agency all of our candidates are self employed but we look after them as well as we look after you. 


Lullaby was founded by Pauline Smyth who has many years of experience in infant care as well as helping parents find the best childcare solutions after she has left them. 

With 12 years of experience and training in a neonatal special care unit and eight years working through private London agencies often with high-profile families based all over the world Pauline has developed a unique understanding of what is required to deliver a first class service to families who need help and support. 

We want every parent or family to be able the to access the very best possible care for their children and will always endeavour to not just meet expectations but exceed them. Only candidates fully committed to this level of service can register with lullaby. 

Pauline has also spent years developing the team by her side, knowing them both personally & professionally she can, without reservation, recommend each nanny or babysitter to a family. 

Lullaby is based in Belfast and serves the whole of Northern Ireland, we also take clients in the UK for live in roles like maternity nursing, sleep training and breastfeeding support.