Breastfeeding support

It is wonderful that mums now are given the opportunity to breastfeed should they want to and it's great when everything goes smoothly. We are here for the times when things aren't going so well and you need some extra support to get things going in the right direction. 

Pauline, Lullaby's founder, has many years of experience with breastfeeding mothers from both within the NHS maternity setting to working with mums & babies in their own homes. Being 'in the trenches' with new mums has given Pauline an insight into what the real issues and problems are and more importantly how to solve them. Most issues that seem huge to a mum struggling to feed her baby are actually quite easily set right. The methods and techniques we use are simple, straight forward and easy to grasp.

We at lullaby DO NOT use the Baby Friendly approach that is used within the NHS. We use a tried and tested method that works extremely well. Pauline has a 100% success rate with breastfeeding mums but don't take our word for it we have many happy clients who's testimonies you can read or you can even speak to some personally should you need that extra reassurance. 

Our breastfeeding support team always prioritise the needs of the individual mum & baby as we work freely and unrestricted by policies procedures and guidelines