Trouble Shooting

Baby Whispering / Like a modern day Mary Poppins,

Baby whisperers (also known as troubleshooters) are specialist maternity nurses who work to solve specific problems with babies such as excessive crying or distress, babies not able to sleep or perhaps refusing to feed. Our select team have had years of experience in looking after babies, helping troubleshoot problems such as:

  • Reflux and milk intolerance
  • Feeding issues with tongue tie babies 
  • Establishing feeding and sleeping routines
  • Breast feeding issues 
  • Weaning

This, combined with the ability to communicate, teach and give parents the confidence to do it on their own, is what makes a baby whisperer different from a regular maternity nurse or night nurse.

They are experts that understand that solving a baby's crying/sleep/feeding/weaning issue is as much about working with the parents as it is in looking after the baby. You may be feeling as if you are alone with a difficult problem and frustrated by the lack of help and support out there but be rest assured our baby whisperers have seen it all and fixed it all. Please read through our testimonials page where previous clients have written about their experiences with us.